Provision VPC

Click here to deploy using CloudFormation template

  • Create stack, click Next
  • Specify stack details, click Next
  • Configure stack options, click Next
  • Scroll to bottom section under Capabilities and check both boxes and click Create stack

This template deploys a VPC, with a pair of public and private subnets spread across two Availability Zones. It deploys an internet gateway, with a default route on the public subnets. It deploys a pair of NAT gateways (one in each AZ), and default routes for them in the private subnets.

This will take a couple of minutes to deploy.

When the deployment is complete go to “Services” -> “VPC”, To see the list of VPC on the account.

Click on “Your VPCs” from the left side, this will take you to the list of VPC on this account. vpc-1 From the list select the VPC Named Workshop, and note the VPC-ID for use in the next step vpc-2 Next click on “Sunbets” on the left side. vpc-3 From the list, select a subnet that is called Workshop Public Subnet (AZ2), and note the SUBNET-ID for use in the next step. vpc-4

Now let’s continue to the next step.

For the purposes of this workshop we will deploy our Gitlab machine on a Public network with a Public IP. This is not recommended for a production setup.