In This lab we will spin-up GitLab Ultimate AMI in AWS.

✅ Step-by-step Instructions

  • Open GitLab Ultimate in AWS Marketplace.
  • Click on Continue to Subscribe aws-1
  • Sign in with your IAM user. (If you are asked to.) aws-2
  • Click on Continue to Configuration. aws-3
  • Leave the default value for Delivery Method, Select the latest version in Software Version, Select your Region, click Continue to Launch. aws-4
  • In Lunch this software page, scroll down. aws-5
  • Under VPC Settings Select the VPC that you want to deploy the gtilab instance on.
  • Under Subnet Settings Select the ID of a Public Subnet that you want to deploy the gtilab instance on. aws-4
  • Under Security Group Settings click Create New Based On Seller Settings . aws-6
  • Name your security group, add a description, and Save it. aws-7
  • Select Key Pair. If you don’t have key pair, create one. Leave other fields in this page with default values. Click Launch. aws-8
  • You will get Congratulations message confirming you launched the machine successfully. In this message click on EC2 Console link. aws-9
  • Click on your instance ID link. aws-10

    The provisioning takes a few minutes. Please wait before you start the next step.

  • Click Open address in order to open GitLab UI. aws-10_5
  • It takes a few minutes to start the server, you may see this error, this is ok, wait 1 minute and refresh the page. aws-11
  • You are now should be able to access GitLab login page. username is root, password is your instance ID, click Sign in. aws-13 ✅ Congratulations! you managed to start GitLab instance and sign in to it. aws-14