Configure the CI/CD in the project

In the root of the project you imported in lab2 there is already .gitlab-ci.yml file that includes build and test stages, and jobs in each stage.

We will add one additional stage and jobjobs to this configuration file, deploy:

  • deploy will deploy the sample website to surge.

Open the Web IDE. yml-1 On the left, open the .gitlab-ci.yml file. yml-2 You will notice stages keyword, with build and test stages. Add deploy stage to it.

Your stages now should look like this:

  - build
  - test
  - deploy

Scroll down, and create a deploy job in the deploy stage.

  • Job name: deploy to s3
  • stage: deploy
  • add the following scripts:
    • curl "" -o ""
    • unzip -q
    • ./aws/install
    • aws s3 cp ./public s3://mytestwebsite211/ --recursive

Your deploy job should look like this one:

deploy to s3:
  stage: deploy
    - curl "" -o ""
    - unzip -q
    - ./aws/install 
    - aws s3 cp ./public s3://mytestwebsite211/ --recursive

Commit the change, click Commit. commit-1

  • Add a commit message.

  • Change the default commit option to Commit to master.

  • Click Commit. commit-2

Wait a few seconds until you will see in the status bar, below the commit button, the pipeline ID, click on it in order to open the pipeline. commit-3

This will open the Pipeline graph commit-4 You can click on each job to check it log. wait until the deploy to s3 job completes, when it has a green V icon.

Make sure all jobs passed successfully, and that pipeline status is passed. pipeline-5 Open in the browser the domain of our S3 Bucket and you will be able to see the website.